Hampshire’s first community based affiliated Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting Club

We believe in delivering quality, fun, and affordable coaching in Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting for the whole community.

  • Lakeside Community Weightlifting

    We believe in delivering quality, fun, and affordable coaching in Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting for the community.

    We support both children and adults looking to learn, and develop their ability, strength, and confidence in these exciting, and rapidly growing sports.

    We offer the opportunity to learn the basics, develop your technique and strength, and if you so wish a pathway into competitive lifting at all levels.

  • Why Weightlifting?

    Lifting is fun, whilst being physically and mentally challenging. Lifting makes you stronger, leaner, and faster. Lifting improves your health markers and improves your abilities to be stronger at other sports too.

    Our lifters tell us they feel more powerful; have better balance, mobility and technical precision, but also report having more sleep, energy and confidence too.

    We believe coaching the basic principles of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting allow you to connect your mind with your body, to help you find your strength.

Get Involved

  • Please take a look at our schedule and register your interest for one of our free taster sessions, email us direct or pop into the club to find out more.

  • The club is based at the beautiful Lakeside Country Park in Eastleigh, the park itself is open to the public with free parking and amenities.

Weightlifting Club Eastleigh
Lizzie Havers
Lakeside Weightlifting Club. Eastleigh

Lakeside WL Club founded by head coach Lizzie Havers, a British Weightlifting coach and personal trainer who competes herself and has developed lifters for over five years.

Lizzie coaches’ private clients, and sports teams in all things strength related under the banner of the Wandering Weightlifter; and also delivers strength and conditioning training for TASS at the University of Southampton. But Lizzie wanted to reach out and teach more people in the community about the amazing benefits of weightlifting with a dedicated club.

Lakeside Weightlifting is a membership-based club, offering group and individual training sessions for children and adults. We are affiliated with British Weightlifting the National governing body for weightlifting and all our coaches are accredited.

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